Monday, March 30, 2009


I've gone and done it again. What's that? You got all hammered. smoked 10000 cigarettes and lost your voice? Yes. How did you know?
My body is trying really, really hard to send me a message. 2 weeks ago I partied too hard and have had a sore throat ever since. Now I've got a sore throat AND no voice. What's next? An amputation - a lobotomy? A lobotomy might be a good idea, however. It might curb my need to abuse myself.
When I turned 30 last year I lost my voice for an entire week. So far I'm on day 2 of no voice - I wonder is this stint of shame manifesting itself in no voice has that kind of staying power.
In an effort to right my wrongs I spent all day yesterday lying down. I brought out the air mattress and the duvet. I took my pants off. I popped in "The Two Towers." I had a can of cola, a glass of Orangina, a bowl of popcorn, 2 remotes, 2 phones, 2 cats and my computer. And let me tell you - I had the BEST DAY EVER. Things got a little lame when I started watching "Jumanji" - I hear that's what you watch when you've hit rock bottom.
I've got room for 1 more in my nest - who's in?

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Emeline said...

pick me- PLEASE pick me.