Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've reached the point where some changes need to be made and I'm having a hard time disciplining myself. A few months ago I met a wonderful man who made me so happy that I no longer had the time or the desire to take care of myself properly. I felt too good! Fast forward a few months and I've come to realize that it's easy to lose sight of yourself when you're blinded Sounds too cliche but there's some truth to it. Last year I made some seriously positive changes in my life because I felt so awful that I needed to fix myself. How to maintain or motivate oneself when you already feel good?
Ultimately, what goes up must come down so here we are. Don't get me wrong, the only place I've come down to is reality, a reality where I need to exercise and eat well and keep my house tidy.
Allow me to air some grievances:
  • I haven't done any exercise in I don't know how long. The odd walk here and there doesn't add up to much.
  • I am now dating someone who loves to eat as much as I do. Neither of us is thin. The annoying part is, my pants are muuuuuuch tighter than his. Stupid man metabolism.
  • My job is unfulfilling and dull.
  • My house is filled with unopened mail. How did I let this happen? And I can't just recycle it because it's full of sensitive banking material. Who else has an unopened mail problem? I feel like I need to outsource a shredding company to take care of this one for me.
  • And what of my blogging?
Enough ranting! I'm notorious for empty promises - how many blogs have I written stating that I would write more? Too many! So....what's a monkey to do?
If the rain allows, today I'll go for a walk on the canal. I'll have a sensible lunch....I'll try really hard not to eat the coconut cream pie in my fridge....and tomorrow I'll let you know how the pie defeated me.