Monday, March 30, 2009


I've gone and done it again. What's that? You got all hammered. smoked 10000 cigarettes and lost your voice? Yes. How did you know?
My body is trying really, really hard to send me a message. 2 weeks ago I partied too hard and have had a sore throat ever since. Now I've got a sore throat AND no voice. What's next? An amputation - a lobotomy? A lobotomy might be a good idea, however. It might curb my need to abuse myself.
When I turned 30 last year I lost my voice for an entire week. So far I'm on day 2 of no voice - I wonder is this stint of shame manifesting itself in no voice has that kind of staying power.
In an effort to right my wrongs I spent all day yesterday lying down. I brought out the air mattress and the duvet. I took my pants off. I popped in "The Two Towers." I had a can of cola, a glass of Orangina, a bowl of popcorn, 2 remotes, 2 phones, 2 cats and my computer. And let me tell you - I had the BEST DAY EVER. Things got a little lame when I started watching "Jumanji" - I hear that's what you watch when you've hit rock bottom.
I've got room for 1 more in my nest - who's in?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dudes. I have been the WORST blogger of late. I've been avoiding my blog like some scorned lover. I can't look it in the eye, I feel guilt when I think about it, I rationalize that it's probably better off without me, that someone else will give it the love it needs. Then out of nowhere I'll come up with some A-1 material (usually while smoking joints) and think to myself, "yes. yes that's good, that will be tomorrow's subject, tomorrow's post will be the one to catapult me into the blogger hall of fame." Lo and behold, tomorrow arrives and I repeat the same process. I make excuses, decide that watching 8 hours of 30 Rock is a decent alternative, that 10 hours of sleep a night is the bare minimum. So I apologize to all of you who have actually missed me and my thoughts - I am a bad, bad blogger.

So what's new? Here are some of the highlights:
  • a recent meal at a very fancy Cabane a Sucre - merci, M. Picard
  • a trip to Toronto where Charmaine and I learned that the best way to eat is usually the cheapest way
  • heartache and confusion re: a dear friend
  • an upcoming visit from a piece of my soul, Mlle. Smiley
  • dinner tonight at Liverpool House for Joe's birthday
  • embarrassing text messaging with a local gastronomic figure (like, embarrassing.)
  • realizing that hardcore partying ruins me for at least a week
  • blissful sleepovers with a new friend
I'll be better. I promise.